Cecilia Aragon
I still can’t believe it. The little girl who was always picked last actually won a big award. When they called my name I screamed! Thank you Pacific Northwest Writers Association for awarding #FlyingFree the Nancy Pearl Award as Best Memoir 🌟

I’m especially honored because I respect and follow Nancy Pearl’s work (and she just won a major award as well!), and because this award is judged by librarians. Visiting the public library as a child, and being welcomed by the local librarians, mattered so much. Not only the emotional impact of being told I could check out ANY books I wanted for free, but also intellectual growth—the libraries I had free access to in childhood helped shape my values, dreams, and goals as an adult ❤️✈️

Thank you again to PNWA, @blackstonepublishing and to all my readers for your love and support! 🥰