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How I Wrote and Sold My Memoir

The Seven Stages of the Writing Journey

In the following series of posts, I’ll break down how I went from an idea to a published book in what I call the 7 Stages of Memoir Writing:


  1. Wanting to write
  2. Writing first draft
  3. Revising and research
  4. Querying
  5. More querying
  6. Agent representation and book deal
  7. Editing and publication
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How I Wrote and Sold My Memoir

It seems the web is full of blog posts from people who sat down, dashed off a first or second draft of their book, happened to open Twitter, noticed a pitch session going on that day, crafted a tweet in 15 minutes, posted it, got “liked” by an agent, sent ...
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The 7 Stages of Memoir Writing: Introduction

People often ask me, “How long did it take you to write your memoir?” I usually pause for an unreasonably long time, because it’s a trick question. On the one hand, I wrote an outline in two days in March 2017, and then got up early every day for the ...
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Stage 1: Wanting To Write

In the previous post, I showed you my messy, yet hopefully effective attempt at sketching an overview of the memoir writing process from beginning to publication. Today, I’m going to describe the first of the 7 stages of memoir writing: Wanting to Write. This stage actually lasted a full decade ...
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Stage 2: Writing the First Draft

In my last post on my writing journey, I talked about overcoming the sting of rejection, and how rejection might actually be a sign of needing outside editing help. In today’s post, I’ll share the process of getting down a first draft of my memoir, Flying Free, in 3 months ...
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Stage 3: Revising and Research

In my most recent post in this series, I explained how I wrote a rough draft of my memoir, Flying Free, in 3 months. In today's post on #3 of the 7 Stages of Memoir Writing, Revising and Research, I shift from art to business. I’ll go into the amount ...
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Stage 4: Querying

Previously, I talked about the months I spent researching how to get a memoir published, and how I built my author presence on the web and social media. In today’s post on #4 of the 7 Stages of Memoir Writing: Querying, I’ll explain exactly how to go about querying agents ...
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Stage 5: More Querying

Last time, I covered my querying process – and all my rejections – in detail. In today’s post on #5 of the 7 stages of memoir writing, I’ll explain why it’s important not to give up, and how to keep looking for new approaches to the querying process. I've kept ...
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Stage 6. Agent Representation and Book Deal

Last time, I talked about the query slog: wading through the depths of depression and rejection, and what I did to keep motivated and how I tried new approaches. In today’s post, #6 in the 7 stages of memoir writing, I’ll discuss what happens when you grab that brass ring ...
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Stage 7: Editing and Publication

In my last post, I described how to handle “The Call” (an offer of agent representation), how to evaluate an agent, and how I ended up finding exactly the right agent for my memoir. In today’s post, the last one in this series, I’ll talk about the final step: how ...