In my last post, I described how to handle “The Call” (an offer of agent representation), how to evaluate an agent, and how I ended up finding exactly the right agent for my memoir.

In today’s post, the last one in this series, I’ll talk about the final step: how my manuscript was sold to a publisher.

In November 2018, on a Monday morning, my agent, Lane Heymont, emailed me a submission list of editors. I didn’t know any of the names he suggested, but he said these were folks he knew would resonate with my story. I approved the list. That very day, I got a call.

“Cecilia, this is a new record. I’ve sold a book in a day before, but this is the first time I’ve sold one in five hours.”

Yes, he’d gotten an offer from a publisher that very day.

Within a couple of weeks, we had four offers. Yes, four! For the memoir that had been rejected 35 times.

I got amazing comments about the memoir. One editor called it “exhilarating, adventurous, and thoughtful.”  “Screaming out to be published.” “A story that will resonate with anyone who’s ever dreamt of overcoming challenges.”

In the end, Lane and I sold Flying Free to Vikki Warner at Blackstone Publishing in a pre-empt. That means Blackstone made an offer that was so good we decided to go with them right away rather than trying to set up an auction between the four publishers who had made offers.


Book Deal

Stage 7: Editing and Publication. The excitement of a book deal and publicationSo now I have a book deal. I still can’t quite believe it. The dream of publishing my memoir has come true. I signed a contract for more money than I ever thought I’d receive for a book. And above all else, I’m so excited to be working with Vikki at Blackstone. I feel that she and the publisher “get” my story, and that they will pour their hearts into working with me, promoting the book, and making the memoir be the best it can be.

I’m unbelievably happy and excited.

My manuscript due date is September 15, 2019. I’ll keep posting here about the editing process, and eventually about publication. I share more specific details about my writing journey in my newsletter (which you can subscribe to here). My memoir’s publication date will be in fall of 2020.

Thanks for following along with me on this series of blog posts about the 7 Stages of Memoir Writing! Please leave a comment if you have other topics you’d like to see covered in this blog, or if you have any questions or critiques.

I can handle criticism. Maybe I might even learn from it.